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Blurry Shadows

Goddess Garden is a space of communion, to embrace the multiplicity and learn from each other through curated experiences.

A network of superb artists and teachers in their own rite, sharing their expertise, knowledge of life, and guidance.

Check out some of our upcoming & past happenings below.


Sunflower Power


Goddess garden for the youth. We had an amazing gardening lesson about the garden and the gardener. Planting seeds with intent.

The Yoga


Goddess Garden's first communion was focused on the importance of yoga in our daily lives, the flow and the nourishment of our minds, bodies, and souls.

we'll get back to you soon.


Are you an artist, teacher or knowledge sharer exploring the vast garden of life and embracing the lessons? GG would love to add you to the network.

Request more info about Goddess Garden below.

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